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“Il Grande Abisso” (the Great Abyss) by Stefania Scarnati

Seven paintings with written texts quickly came to life in video form with the help of reciting voices and background music. This artist book and corresponding video are my story contribution to 'A Shared Memory'.


I submit the Video “The Great Abyss”, which illustrates the artist’s book of the same name, created by me during the spring 2020 lockdown. In fact, in that period, forced at home, I felt the need to free myself, through creativity and painting, of the anguish that was rampant in those days …
With the 7 paintings and some text written by me to reproduce some of the sensations I experienced in that period, I combined images and thoughts in a single Artist Book.

This testimony, written and illustrated, with the help of reciting voices and background music, became a video. The artist book can be viewed as a pdf file in Italian & English by clicking the cover on the left. 



Il Grande Abisso, by Stefania Scarnati

(Voices are in Italian)